See you never 2020

The year is coming to a close. It's been a strange one, but it seems we'll get through it in one piece, although not unscathed.

Talking to friends, family and even some random acquaintances, it seems like we all had some very high expectations for 2020. We were all quite looking forward to it and felt it would be a memorable one. Well, it's certainly been one for the books! The history books, more like.

We've had the fires in Australia - yes, those were this year, if you can believe it - a global pandemic, the cancelled Olympic Games, the Black Lives Matter movement... have I mentioned the global pandemic?

Then there was the first female vice-president in the US, terrorist attacks in Europe, another sprinkle of a global pandemic, the South Korean music group BTS taking over the world, Maradona's death and, you guessed it, a global pandemic cherry on top. Oh, and Rupert Grint is now a dad and has an Instagram account, which frankly, to us 90s babies, might actually be the most outstanding event of all.

2020 seems to have been constantly trying to outdo itself and we don't know what it might still have in store for these last few days. But what we do know is that we've made it.

Many have experienced great loss, many are now in a dire situation or have been through it, we face an uncertain future and it seems there's a generalised feeling of exhaustion, both physical and mental. But we've made it. And if we look back, we'll probably realise that even though it's been a rollercoaster with many downs, there have also been beautiful ups that have either made it all worth it, or at least manageable enough. Here's to a better 2021!

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