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Three short love stories


One day Cesar wanted a girlfriend but he was so ugly he went to visit an image advisor and this person modified his face. He was still ugly. He couldn’t believed it. He was sad and one day he thought of an idea: he wanted to have a blind date, so the girls didn't see his face. He went on a blind date and met a nice girl and they talked for hours. Everything was going perfectly but suddenly there was a problem and Cesar started choking on an olive and had to be sent to hospital. The girl was interested in visiting him and she ask him out again, he said yes. With time, they got married, they have sons and daughters now, and they are happy.


One day I was at the beach with some friends and we went into the sea. There were two boys and we started talking and had fun with them. While we were in the water a big fish came towards us quickly and then one boy grabbed me and we started running out of the sea. I was grateful, he gave me his phone number and we started talking everyday. Nowadays, he is my boyfriend and we have been together for two years. We are an item, we match perfectly and he understands me quite well.


One day I saw a boy that was working in my neighbourhood. He was the perfect boy. He was very handsome, with his brown hair and green eyes. He was dressed with a black t-shirt and white trousers. When I saw him I fell in love instantly, it was love at first sight.

I approached him and I asked him whether he was on Instagram. He gave me his Instagram, when we got home I immediately followed him. He accepted my request and I was super happy. Now he is my boyfriend.

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